The Family

It was brought to my attention that since I now have quite a few followers who aren’t family/friends, I should introduce the family that I talk about so freely in my posts.


  • I’m a nurse by education but I have been staying at home with my babies since giving birth to Ella almost 3 years ago.
  • I love Harry Potter, reality TV, binging Netflix, visiting with family and friends and taking photos.
  • Currently working on my masters in nursing through distance education.
  • My heart is still in Canada with my family and friends where Kyle and I grew up, but we are making the most of our time here in North Carolina (particularly the weather!).
  • I have a Type A personality and love organization… until a few years ago I used to carry around a color coded agenda book in my purse everywhere I went.. (edited to add that organization is not the same as cleanliness because my house often looks like a bomb went off! – but truthfully I’d rather spend my days playing with my kids than cleaning!).

Apex Family Photographer 21


  • Meet Kyle, the Dad of the family.
  • Kyle is the fun parent, Ella spends many hours climbing on him, running around with him and being tossed in the air…he’s basically a human jungle gym.
  • Kyle is also my biggest advocate and support, he’s always encouraging me to pursue my next crazy idea and he brings me back to reality when I’m spiraling out of control.
  • Kyle loves hockey, being active, watching sports on tv, and reading research articles on nanotechnology (haha nerd!).
  • Kyle has a phD in nano-electrical engineering and it’s what brought us to the research triangle in North Carolina.
  • Kyle is an eternal optimist, to know him is to love him, his upbeat personality and humour is infectious.

Apex Family Photographer 9.jpg


  • Ella is the oldest baby and will be 3 in January.
  • Ella is a free spirit, wild and crazy, constantly in motion and playing.
  • She is fearless: Give her a big slide and she will go down it headfirst, give her a foam pit and she will run and jump in without hesitation, give her a jungle gym and she’s at the top before you know it, give her a bed and she’s launching herself off of it at top speed. But she can be shy with new people and often quiet in unfamiliar environments.
  • She loves, paw patrol, unicorns/horses (neigh, neighs), animals, school, broccoli and running.
  • She is extremely stubborn and headstrong, we butt heads a lot because I’m the same!
  • Even though she is wild and headstrong she has the most kind heart; She will cry when Ethan cries, she is highly empathetic and she gravitates towards animals of all kinds.

Apex Family Photographer 4


  • The baby of the family, and the whole reason for this blog.
  • Ethan is the happiest baby, constantly smiling and giggling and a total sweetheart.
  • He is very easy going and adapts so well to running around to all his appointments, and having his schedule constantly interrupted.
  • Unlike his sister, Ethan has a healthy level of fear.
  • Ethan loves being cuddled, his jolly jumper and watching his sister be wild and crazy, she never ceases to make him laugh and smile.

Apex Family Photographer 16.jpg


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